Saturday, January 22, 2011

~ THE HEART ♥ ...

look at the picture below . creepy, right? But it makes sense . we like to think about love in some symbolic and emotional sense, but what about the physical?
  • the way your heart flutters when you think of a person .
  • your body temperature increases and the palms of your hands sweat as you grow excited .
  • you can actually become light-headed or weak at the knees .
  • life looks, sounds, feels, tastes and even smells better when you’re in love .
and when you’re heart-broken:
  • you feel a tightness in the chest feels like the physical breaking of your heart
  • you suffer from partial or complete insomnia
  • you lose your appetite, have a stomach ache, and are even nauseous
  • you’re always tired and fatigued
  • you have anhedonia, an inability to feel pleasure
people invest all of themselves into relationships and love, whether they realize it or not . be careful of who you get involved with, because they might abuse you completely . and if you know you’ve been given a heart, you take care of it . because the HURT you case can be far worse than emotional .
I won’t break yours if you don’t break mine . deal ? promise ! :')

the heart ♥ :'(

P/S:i wish i cud see my very own heart someday... :)

Luahan Hati ♥ shima syg

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